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Erin Hawley

The Geeky Gimp
Web Content Producer
Hi, I’m Erin, the creator and editor of The Geeky Gimp. I’m disabled – Muscular Dystrophy, scoliosis, and anxiety/panic attacks. I’ve been disabled my entire life, so I’m used to the way my body works, its strengths, and its limitations. My biggest problem is the way society views disabled people, and what they expect (or don’t expect) of us. I’m also latina, cis, and straight, and that affects how I view the world. I hope this blog helps shatter some of those expectations and stereotypes of disability. When I’m not working here, I serve as the Digital Content Producer for a major non-profit organization, and teach part-time. I adore Star Trek and Spock, and always have a Mariah Carey song on repeat in Spotify. You can also find me streaming games on my Twitch channel.