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Barry Joseph

American Museum of Natural History
Former Associate Director of Digital Learning
Barry Joseph is a driving force in youth development, digital learning, and the design of pro-social engagement with emerging media. He leads innovations in informal learning spaces to help young people identify and pursue their passions and adults learn with greater engagement. At Global Kids, a NYC-based after school organization, then at the American Museum of Natural History, he oversaw the design, supervision, and creative visioning for a slate of over 100 youth courses on social issues and science topics using cutting-edge digital tools. For over two decades, you name the tool and Barry’s built youth programming around its application for learning: online dialogues, social media networks, Second Life, geocaching, Minecraft, geolocative gaming, telepresence robots, 3D imaging and scanning, tangible AR, mixed reality-fueled escape rooms, and more (and this intense interest in building community around such efforts lead him early on to co-found Games For Change). Most recently, he ran prototyping and evaluations at the Museum for visitor-facing experiences with emerging media, surfacing recommendations for designing today for the visitor experience of tomorrow. His first book, Seltzertopia (a decade+ passion project) comes out this Fall.